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The lemon breakaway collar I got for one of my 5 kitties turned out so beautiful, and looks adorable on them. The craftsmanship of the collar is fantastic. Thank you for making a beautiful collar!

I loved it! (Cat did not)

The collar was beautiful and very well made and I adore it! Unfortunately, my cat is unaccustomed to wearing collars, so he only wore it long enough to take a few pictures in. Which, in all honesty, were worth buying the bow for. He looked so handsome in it. Thank you so much!

Love it so much, will be ordering again !

I love it so much, my cat looks adorable, it’s amazing quality & she was able to accommodate my annoying request I had submitted for where I wanted the bell. Thank you so much !

Cutest Collar

My kitty looks ADORABLE in this collar! Material is great, seems durable and super cute. Shipping was fast and the packaging was even personalized and cute. Would recommend ordering for your furry friend!

Loved everything about my order!

I bought a scrunchie for my daughter's birthday with a matching collar for her kitten. To say we loved it is an understatement. Everything was packaged with care. The packaging is thoughtful and beautiful and the items are really well made and simply gorgeous. I have two other cats so I am definitely purchasing their collars from here from now on. I am so glad I ran across your shop on tiktok! Thank you so much!

Cutest Packaging

I think this was the cutest package I have ever received!!! Vania definitely puts a lot of pride into her presentation and it was so appreciated. The collar was a little too big for my kitten but that’s okay she will grow into it. But Jelly Bean loved her surprise complimentary kitty treats!!!

Not sized for growing kittens but thats ok.

These collars are super cute and well made and even though they don't fit my kittens yet they'll grow into them.


Not only did it come in good time it came with treats! Will be buying more🤍🤍

Love Love Love!

All 4 of my pets have collars from The Goodest Pet! I found Vania on TikTok and couldn’t help but order. So well constructed, so cute!!! The cats got collars first, but when I saw the new Valentine’s prints I couldn’t help but get one for my dog also!


Great quality collar, and even got a few cat treats! My cat loved them. Would definitely purchase from her again

Such a cute collar!

Got a little yellow bow collar for a little Floofy cat, and she looks darling in it. I love how the bow always stays perfectly positioned on the side of her neck. It doesn't droop down in front of the cats face, which is great!

Good quality

My cats bandanna is so perfect he loves it and it’s well made with super soft fabric. I tosses it in my washing machine and it held up great I will be buying more.

Cute collar!✨

I absolutely love this collar, my kitty looks so cute and I get a ton of compliments! 🥰

Dainty sweetness

So happy with my new face mask! Soft pretty fabric is nice departure from utilitarian masks I've been wearing. Love the adjustable ear straps and form-fitting style of this.

Fancy and fine quality

Quality of collar and workmanship is impressive: metalwork is 1st rate, as is stitching. Fabric, in addition to bright and cheery, is sturdy and lightly padded inside all around. My Lucy was so excited to get her new collar that she couldn't resist scooping up her fave toys and pawing Big Dog [hubby] to show him how pretty she looks!

So well made and stylish for my boy!

So impressed by quality of collar: metalwork is 1st rate, as is stitching. Fabric, in addition to handsome, is sturdy and lightly padded all around inside. My fur baby is rather large with long-ish hair which covers the collar somewhat. Nonetheless we both know he's wearing style when he steps out. See pic.

My cat loves it!

Amazing quality!!! My cat loves it! He usually isn’t a fan of having collars on but doesn’t mind it at all! 100% recommend!

Adorable and Good Quality!

I have bought multiple of these cat collars. All of them are adorable prints, and excellent quality. My cats wear them all day, and they hold up very well.

Excellent Quality!

I ordered three collars. They are very study and cute!

Lemon Bow Cutie

I love this bow collar for my cat, Lady Arwen! Such an upgrade from the generic grocery store collar we originally had for her!

Adorable, perfect collars

I love buying my cat cute collars, but these are instantly favorites and I guarantee I will be buying more. They are adorable and so well-made! My boy looks so handsome in the two I got. I do wish I could get a cat collar with the same bow style as the dog collar, though, as much as I love the handkerchief-style bow, but as I said I’ll be buying more collars in the future either way (and recommending them to all my friends)!

Love our matching headband & bow collar!

I LOVE my headband and the matching bow collar I got for my cat, Piglet!

Perfect for floofy babys

It looks adorable on our Tinee girl.

Rainbow Stripes Cat Collar
Gorgeous and well made

My cats look so fancy in these cute collars! I will definitely order again. They arrived quickly in cute packaging too.

Charcoal Arrows Cat Collar
Loved them!

I ordered 3 cat collars, they are so well made and adorable. My cats are loving them ❤️